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Brow Henna kit includes:

3 shades of henna

Brow oil

Mineral aqua water

*** Patch test must be carried 48 h out prior treatment to avoid allergic reactions

Salted Caramel-

Most suitable for blondes, red-haired and light-haired women. Results will vary from light blond to chestnut colour depending on how long henna has been left on. Ideally compatible with other shades for warmer tones.


Neutral brown. Suitable for bright blondes, brown-haired women and natural brunettes.

Chocolate Fondant-

Suitable for bright brown-haired women and hot brunettes.


The result will depend on the consistency of henna:

Liquid, watery – light shade on the hair

Medium (like olive oil) – dying of the hair and tint on the skin

Dense – dying of the hair and tint on the skin, healed tattoo effect

LAMI Brow Henna Kit

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