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🗓️ Sunday 25th August 2024

9:30am - 5 pm approx.

Price - €425 including kit.

Deposit of €100 must be paid to secure your place.

*** Deposit is not transferable or refundable unless the training has been canceled

Requirements to Enroll:

1. Must hold valid Classic Eyelash Extensions certificate

2. Must have at least 6months practice in Classic Lash Extensions

3. Must feel confident in Classic Eyelash Extensions & Isolation

🔶This course is for those who are qualified in Classic Eyelash Extensions and want to add extra service to their Lash menu. As well as that it is a great step forward to their eyelash career. You will learn everything about Russian Volume eyelash extensions. This training course will help you study, understand and master Russian Volume Eyelash Extension techniques. The basic principles of eyelash extensions application still apply in this technique. For that, you will have to refer to your previous eyelash training manual. Health and safety, it’s laws and procedures, health and hygiene requirements stay the same.

🔶Any person attempting to learn Russian Volume technique must hold a recognised qualification in Classic (1:1) eyelash extensions application. We recommend at least 6 months experience in lashing with confidence at this stage. Therefore will give you the knowledge required for you to move forward towards lash mastery with confidence.

🔶On the course, you will learn the theory of Russian Volume. You will be shown how to create perfect fans of 2D-5D and given time to practice. Then you shall produce a set of Russian Volume lash extensions on a live model

🔶Model required

🔶Deposit required (not refundable)

🔶Manual included

🔶Starter kit included

🔶Ongoing mentoring and support after the training.

Russian Volume Eyelash Extention Course

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